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Recycling Paper

This week, we were able to use our new learning from our excursion to CERES to help us control how much waste we create. We used collected scrap paper from different classrooms to make recycled paper.

First, we had to rip the scrap paper into small pieces.

Next, we placed our ripped paper into a blender and added water. Then, we poured the blended recycled paper onto our mesh screen.

After this, we had to carefully spread the recycled paper to the outer edges of the frame. We then picked up the frame and let some of the water drain out of the mesh.

Finally, we squeezed the water out by compressing the recycled paper. We then had our finished product! Now it was just time to wait for it to dry.

Directed Discovery in Prep G

This term we used hexagonal thinking templates to record our wonderings, curiosities and interests to help determine what we want to learn more about and discover! Through this process, it helped to create our Directed Discovery investigation groups for this term. 

Here are some of our wonderings: 

Gia: “I wonder how crabs walk?”

Ajuni: “I wonder why does cows give milk?”

Zach: “I wonder does a frog jump in water?”

Mehtaab: “I wonder why a plane has big fans?”

Ruby: “I wonder how aeroplanes fly?”

Harnihal: “I wonder how dinosaurs teeth are sharp?”

Next we explored different provocations that stemmed from our wonderings and curiosities.

Mehreen: “The boats are floating.”

Armaan: “I’m off to Sydney!”

Then we began to research! We were able to ask questions to find out information to help answer our wonderings and curiosities.

Gia: “Crabs can walk sideways.”

Mehtaab: “Boats have engines; speed boats and motor boats. The propeller is on the engine.”

Harnihal: “Sharks are fish.”

Ajuni: “Sharks don’t have bones.”

Ruby: “Aeroplanes live in airports.”

We used all of this information to begin creating our investigation groups design brief. We were able to use our research to guide our ideas of where we want to take our investigation for the term, listen to others ideas and respond. We were able to use different resources to help us record new words such as; word lists, books, alphabet charts, word wall and our words that we know chart.

Watch this space for more to come in Directed Discovery over this term!