ACGN – Aitken Creek Good News (Episode 2 & 3)

Here is the new episode of ACGN – Aitken Creek Good News! Check out episode 3……. can you spot your class or some of your outstanding work on display?


Here is last week’s episode – episode 2 – only a week late being posted here but I’m sure most of you saw this via our school Facebook or Compass and your parents! 🙂



Remember if you have any good news you would like to share on ACGN, send it to your teacher and they will pass it on!


Ms Huntly and your School Captains

Science session with our on site students!

On Friday the students who are being supervised  on site during remote learning took a science break and used some common household items to create some awesome coloured designs!

To do this at home you will need:

  • Dish
  • Milk
  • Dishwashing detergent
  • Cotton buds
  • Food colouring

The method:

  1. Pour milk into the dish
  2. Place drops of food colouring where you want them in the milk – as many as you wish!
  3. Cover one end of your cotton bud with dishwashing detergent
  4. Touch the milk with the cotton bud (in or out of your colour drops – your choice!)
  5. Watch what happens!
  6. You can repeat touching the milk multiple times, add more food colouring or just watch what happens even after you remove the cotton bud!

The science behind this very awesome experiment is that the fat and protein that is in the milk are reacting to the change that happens when we add the detergent. The fat in the milk is “collected” by the soap molecules and are bounced around in all directions as the soap races around trying to join up. For more explanation, have a look at this website).

Here are some more of these fantastic experiments!

After our science break, some of us were wondering what would happen if we did this with water instead of milk? Or oil instead of dishwashing detergent? Or even paint instead of food colouring? Our scientific minds were going crazy!

Have you tried this experiment yourself? Have a go at home and send us a picture in the comments to show us what your colour change looked like!

Welcome to ACGN – Aitken Creek Good News!

Our Student Leaders want to share good news that’s happening in our school with our community by creating ACGN – Aitken Creek Good News!

These videos will be shared on our school Facebook page and class blogs including good news and cool things that our students and staff are doing – even in the middle of this remote learning cycle!

There’s always some good news around if you look for it. We hope everyone stays safe and remains positive!

Here is our first video for Week 1 Term 3!

If you have any good news or cool things to share, please pass this onto your teacher so we can continue to build and develop and grow these episodes!
Look out for our next episode coming real soon!
~ your School Captains


Hello families and welcome back to our blog! It has been so lovely to be able to reconnect in a face to face manner and we are all doing our best to educate ourselves further and practice good hygiene amidst this challenging time in the world.

As a class, we investigated how germs travel through an experiment.

To begin this experiment, we used hand sanitiser, then moisturised our hands to help make sure they stayed a little bit damp and then Miss Brown and Mrs A added red or blue coloured glitter to our hands. Why did we put glitter all over our hands you may ask? We pretended the glitter was actually germs! Knowing that we cannot see most germs, using glitter on damp hands allowed us to represent germs that might be stuck on our hands, and glitter is very easy to see!

Once we were all glittered up, Miss Brown told us to play with the blocks on the floor. When we played with the blocks, we noticed that the glitter germs on our hands were spreading. We started noticing that the glitter germs were spreading onto our clothes, the floor space around us, and we were also picking up different coloured glitter germs to our own! We continued to track all places in the room that glitter germs had appeared on and by doing so, we were able to see and realise how germs can travel even when we don’t mean for them to.

This made us appreciate the importance of good hand washing! We all went and washed our hands thoroughly whilst singing “happy birthday” to ensure all those glitter germs were gone from our hands. However when we came back to the classroom, we noticed that our hands were clean but the glitter germs were still on things like our toys! Together, we decided to wipe down the toys with wipes to practice good hygiene and cleanliness and made those glitter germs disappear!

After this, our minds opened up to so many deeper questions so Miss Brown wrote them down so that over time, we can investigate these further and develop a greater understanding.

Here are our questions – are you able to help us find out more?

What Prep D want to learn about health and hygiene

How do germs cause colds? – Vartika

How do germs stay on our hands? – Aileen

What kind of germs are on our belongings? –Ryan

Where do germs come from? – Ayansh

How does hand sanitiser help us? – Miss Brown

What does soap do to germs? – M

How can we protect ourselves from the germs? – Jasleen

Are there good germs in our bodies? – Ali

Reading in Prep F

In Prep F we have been practicing our reading strategies and learning the difference between letters and words. We made finger pointers to help us point to the words as we read and this has helped us to identify each word in the sentences. We have also been using the pictures in books to help us understand what might be happening in the story. We are really enjoying using these strategies when reading independently and as a group!

Prep C Investigates Jobs in Our Community

We have been learning about people in our community that help us. We have been asking lots of questions about different jobs and what they do. In groups, we shared what we already knew about some jobs.

“I drew the girl having medicine” – Jeneen

“Garbage trucks come to my house so it doesn’t get too dirty” – Pavtej

“Police have cars” – Aarib

“Ambulances take people to the hospital” – Bianca

“I’ve seen the fires on the TV” – Sukhman

Writing in Prep D

In Prep D, we have been participating in lots of language experiences. This means that we have read about things and then had a go at doing them ourselves.

We have been reading lots of books about being in the playground and have been discussing the kinds of things we do in the playground. We got to go outside and demonstrate all the things we know we can do In the playground so that we could write about the experience and connect to it.

Miss brown took lots of photos of us demonstrating all the actions we can do in the playground and turned them into word wall cards. Whenever we do writing and need to locate the action word, we can now find them all by ourselves to copy!

We put our new language experience and ability to locate words to practice and were able to write about something we can do in the playground. Its on display in the prep learning neighbourhood because we are very proud and want to share our fantastic writing!

Welcome to the Prep D Blog!

Hi everyone and welcome to our blog!

We have had so much fun over the last five weeks of school. We have been learning lots about the school values of TEAMWORK, RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY & ACHIEVEMENT. During these first few weeks, we’ve been unpacking the values and learning how to show them in all aspects across our school day.

When Miss Brown asked us how to show the values we were able to explain how!:

“I am responsible because I put my bag away by myself” – Ali

Achievement: “I always try my best when I learn” – Aileen

Teamwork: “We help everyone we’re a team” – Selen

Respect: “We have to be kind to each other” – Ayaansh

To keep up to date with all our learning in the classroom, check in here on the blog or over on our twitter !

Term 1

This last fortnight in Prep E have been really amazing! We have been learning lots of letters and the sounds that they make. We have learnt the letters S A T P I N and we have come up with lots of words that begin with those letters and sounds.

We have really enjoyed reading a lot of books and we even wrote our own mini books all about Mrs Wishy Washy.

In CBL we have been looking at the Community and who is in our Community. We have identified a lot of key people such as Police, Ambulance and Fire and even a Plumber!

Welcome to Prep H 2020!

We have had an amazing start to the school year in Prep H. Although we all felt a little nervous and scared on our first day, we have quickly created new friendships with different people in our class.

We have spent a lot of time discussing how we are feeling, using the Zones of Regulation to help us identify and name how we are feeling. We talked about how we may start off the day in the Blue Zone (feeling sad or nervous), but there are many different things we can do to move into the Green Zone (feeling happy and ready to learn), such as taking big deep breaths or moving away from a situation that makes us sad or angry.

We have also spent time meeting our new Buddy class, 5C. We travelled to 5C’s classroom one afternoon, and met our new buddy. We then spent the afternoon getting to know our buddy, and telling our buddies all about us. We are very excited to continue seeing our buddies every second week.

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The Department of Education and Training will not be funding the use of Global2 past the end of the current contract on 31st of December 2020.

Please refer to FUSE for further details on the discontinuation of funding and transition options available for schools.

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