Prep B’s picnic lunches & a reminder to all parents

Over the last couple of weeks, Prep B has been noticing that the days are becoming warmer. Because of this, we have been loving getting outdoors to eat our lunch and listen to a book or chat with our friends. Although we  try to sit in the shade, we want to be Sun Smart in every way we can.
Please remember that as we are a Sun Smart school, when we come back in Term 4 after the school holidays, it is compulsory to wear a school hat during play breaks.


Subtraction Bowling

Over the last three weeks, we have been learning about subtraction. We have been learning to identify the whole amount, take away the smaller amount and say how many are left.

We used cups as bowling pins to create our own subtraction bowling stories.

At times, we missed all of the ten cups! Instead of having another go we had to think of the number that would be represented in the subtraction story: There are 10 cups and 0 fell down. How many cups are left? There  are 10 cups left standing. 

Small Moment Writing

This term Prep C has been busy creating stories from a small ‘seed’ they have experienced and expanded on.

We published those stories and showcased them on ur Journey of Curiosity night. I hope you took the chance to come and see the Prep’s awesome stories!

We are now transferring our small moment writing skill into making a fact book about what we have been learning in Directed Discovery.

This week the students have been busy creating a word wall to go with their discovery unit in order to help them write tricky words when it comes to creating their fact books.

Our goal is to get these fact books published so the students can teach each other all about what they have learnt this term!


Last week was Book Week and we love reading in Prep B so it was so much fun to dress up as our favourite book characters! It was so much fun getting to put on a parade to show off our own costumes and seeing what the other Prep classes were wearing too. We even got to see Miss McCurry act like her Book Week character, Little Miss Somersault because she did a somersault.

We also did some writing pieces about Book Week, explaining who we dressed up as and why we wanted to come dressed as them.


Prep E’s Book Week Blog

Last Tuesday we celebrated Book Week! We came dressed as a our favourite book character!

“I came dressed as Batman!” – Jayden

“I was Leonardo- the leader of the ninja turtles” – Ibrahim

“I was the cat from Room on the Broom” – Jasmine

“I was Elsa” – Samira

“I came as Snow White.  I like Snow White because she is pretty and likes her friends” – Sammy


We had a parade to show off our costumes. Then we wrote about why we had chosen to dress as our characters!

Book Week 2019

In 2019, Book Week occurred from Monday 17th to  23rd of August. This is a great time for us to celebrate all of our favourite books, re-read old classics, and experience new adventures.

To celebrate Book Week, Aitken Creek Primary School held a Book Parade on Tuesday the 18th of August. In Prep H, we all came dressed as our favourite book character! Even Miss McCredden and Mrs A. dressed up, as their favourite Little Miss characters. Our costumes were AMAZING!

In the morning, we went outside with the other Prep classes, and held our Book Parade. Each class sat down in a big circle, and we clapped and cheered as each class walked past us. There were some awesome costumes!

Finally, it was out turn. We stood up, and walked around the circle. We listened excitedly to the cheers of the other Prep classes, and even gave some massive high fives as we were walking around.

After the Parade, we decided that we all looked so amazing, we had to take a class photo.

Technology for a purpose

We read the text ‘Simple Technology’ by Pam Holden.

We were able to notice and explain our thoughts and feelings to others. Technologies such as taps and toothbrushes came up in our discussion and how they were invented not only for a purpose but to make our lives easier. For us, a tap in our house provides us with clean and fresh water any time that we need it however what about back before this was in every household?

Talia: “Go to a clean pond or somewhere else that has water to clean.” Mehtaab: “Get a bucket, put soap and water and wash it.”

Imagine doing this each time you needed to wash your hands, body, clothes or dishes!

With our new knowledge about simple technologies, we were given the task to make icing. We added our ingredients together and used a wooden spoon to begin the mixing process. It took so long! We then discussed if we knew of a technology that could help us mix our icing quicker and easier; a hand held electric mixer. We then shared our thoughts and feelings on the similarities and differences between the two technologies.

Readers Question: Can you think of a simple technology that has improved your life? Tell us in the comments!

our first year of Art

During our first year of Art at Aitken Creek Primary School we have been creating some creative pictures using a variety of techniques and materials. We have learnt to work as a class community to make big class artworks and share materials in the art room. It has been so much fun and we think our work is beautiful. We would like to share some of our colourful art works with you and we hope you enjoy them. Keep watching the blog to see what else we make this year.



Hi everyone! On the 31st of July we celebrated a big milestone; our 100th day of school! This is a day we have all been looking forward to and have been counting down every day since our first day of prep.

Throughout this day, we reflected on all that we have achieved over the last 100 days of school and celebrated all the efforts that helped us to do so. We participated in ‘100’ themed activities such as writing what we want to do by the time we are 100 years old and made necklaces with 100 fruit loops. But… our favourite part of the day was our party!!


Our Big Idea this term is Curiosity, so far we have been exploring the types of materials needed for something to work. It was great to work with our grade 6 Buddies who helped us make rafts for Gingerbread men and had lots of fun testing whether or not our creations floated. We worked on our teamwork skills and showed how our curiosity can help us to create a raft that floats.
Here are some of our creations…

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