Zone’s of Regulation

Over the last few weeks, we have been learning about the Zone’s of Regulation. The Zone’s of Regulation helps us to identify how we are feeling.

There are 4 Zone’s of Regulation – Blue Zone (where we might be feeling a little slow), Green Zone (where we are good to go!), Yellow Zone (where we may need to exercise caution, and slow down) and Red Zone (where we need to stop what we are doing).

Each zone lists the different emotions we may be feeling, such as tired, happy, ready to learn or angry.

We talked about each zone, and discussed what the different zones looked like, sounded like and felt like. We talked about how we feel when we are in the different zones, and what we might do in that zone – if we are feeling aggressive (in the Red Zone) we might hit somebody or throw objects around the room. By identifying what actions we might undertake in each zone, we become more confident in successfully identifying which zone we are in. We also talked about how other people might be feeling when we are in that zone – if we are in the Red Zone, and feeling aggressive, other students might feel scared.

Finally, we started discussing what we can do if we are in different zones. If we feel tired, we could lie down, and have a rest. If we are feeling angry or aggressive, we can practice taking deep breaths to calm our bodies.

Our main aim using the Zone’s of Regulation is to be in the Green Zone. When we are in the Green Zone, we feel happy, comfortable and relaxed, which is how we want everyone to feel.

Health and Physical Education

Hi everyone!

During the last few weeks of Health and Physical Education we have been focusing on object tracking and manipulation. We have been learning to watch an object with our eyes, to catch and to roll a ball. There are so many activities we have learnt now this term, we can’t wait for more!


Miss Chetcuti



Who We Are: We Are Artists!

On the 14th of March, Aitken Creek Primary School held a ‘Collaborative Art Project’ to celebrate “Who We Are: We Are Artists!” We had a great attendance for the event and were excited to see our families and parents creating art with us and showing off their creative talents! It was such a nice opportunity for us to connect with each other and The Arts!


We continued our project over the next few weeks during our Art sessions, so that everyone in the community had an opportunity to contribute and to explore our artistic skills. What did we learn from this event? That we are all artists!

Our display is now up, and continuing to grow. We are impressed by the uniqueness of everyone’s piece and we can really learn a lot about our schools identities as we explore the individual artworks and connect them together.

Thank you to everyone that attended. We hope you have the opportunity to check out our display near the school library.

Prep D Identity Book – WE ARE ALL UNIQUE

Hello everyone!

This term for CBL, we have been learning about the Big Idea of ‘Identity’.

We learnt that we all look different.

“We all have different skin and eyes, hairs and even clothes” – Ayaan

We learnt that we all like and believe in different things.

“Taha likes sleeping but I don’t” – Japneet

“I like gold, purple and yellow but not everyone does” – Damien.

We learnt that all families are unique.

“I have 2 brothers, 1 mum and 1 dad but no sisters. But, some other people have sisters” – R

We put all our learning about our differences together into the format of a book so that others can read it and learn how to respect one another identities.

We are all unique, and that is a good thing. We hope our book can teach you that.

(please click the link below to see our book!)

Prep D – We Are All Unique – identity book-1i9ur91

From Prep D

Reading groups in Prep F

In Prep F we have been having lots of fun learning about letters and sounds in some of our reading group activities. During reading groups we are with other students who are working at a similar level to us so we can work on the same things together.

Vanessa “I am in red group and have been learning the letters SAT.”

Atilla ” I like playing reading doctor on the iPad to help me learn letters and sounds”.


Directed discovery in Prep F

During Term 1 we have really enjoyed out Directed Discovery.  We have been busy creating and making things that relate to our investigation. Superhero group Azlan ” I have made a batman figure”. Viraj “This term I made a giant spiderman, I used the materials responsibly” Manmeet “I used googley eyes from the trolley for my Batman”.


We have learnt about taking turns in Directed discovery and how to work together in a group to work collaboratively.

Math in Prep H

In Prep H these last two weeks, we have been doing a lot of work on number identification and pattern work.

We have been exploring the order of numbers, from 1 – 10, and we created a number line as a class, where we discussed how we know where each number goes, and which numbers come before and after.

We have also been exploring patterns in class. We have been learning how to create ABAB patterns, where we choose two different colours, which becomes our ‘core’, and we then repeat the ‘core’ to create a pattern. We have also been exploring how to create AABB patterns, and ABB patterns, using unifix cubes and our iPads to record our thinking.

Creating an ABAB pattern.
Identifying the core in an AABB pattern

Great work Prep H!

Prep H at the Sport Carnival!

Last Friday morning, Prep H took part in the Aitken Creek Primary School Prep Sport Carnival. We were incredibly lucky to have amazing weather, and we were all excited to get started with our games and activities.

Throughout sport this term, we have been focusing on learning different skills and games, and this was our chance to show off our abilities. We took part in a variety of different activities and games, such as running hurdles, running a fun relay, jumping like kangaroos in our kangaroo pouches, and running an egg and spoon race. Our favourite activities were the tunnel ball and Scarecrow Tiggy activities, where we used skills such as rolling balls, running and crawling. We also displayed our school values of respect, when we respected our friends turn to have a go, and teamwork, when we worked together during Scarecrow Tiggy.

We had such a great time participating in each of the different activities, and we say a big thank you to all the teachers who set up the activities, and to the parents who came along to cheer us along.

Learning about shapes in Prep E!

We have been learning to name, describe and make shapes in maths. We can talk about how many edges and corners each shape has and the features different shapes have in common. We have been using geoboards to make the shapes.


“I know this is a triangle because it has three edges and three corners – it looks like a sandwich” – Zain

“A rectangle has four sides but they’re not all the same like a square” – Ruqaya

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