Who am I?

This term in Prep H, we have been exploring our personal identities. We have brainstormed our likes and dislikes, and how our likes and dislikes may be different to other peoples.We even made our own book adaptions, writing and drawing a picture of what we like and don’t like! We have also been exploring how everybody looks different in different ways.

Using mirrors, we explored the different colours that appear on our faces (including our hair), and how we might use different colours to represent these differences.

We used pencil and a piece of paper first to have a go at drawing our faces. We explored the shape our face is, and how our eyes, nose and mouth sit in different places. We also looked at how long hair and short hair can affect what part of our face is shown.

Using oil pastels, we draw our own representation of us. We did our best at matching our skin colour, eye colour and hair colour to the oil pastels, and made sure we included our eyes, nose, mouth, ears and hair to our picture.

The self-portraits look amazing on our wall, and are a great way to see who is in our class.

Mrs Wishy Washy’s Tub

In Prep H, we have been spending a lot of time reading the Big Book, Mrs Wishy Washy’s Tub. As a class, we decided to create our own book adaption.


Each student had a go at tracing over the words ‘The ____ is in the tub’.


We then brainstormed the different animals that went into the tub, and a few other animals that could also go into the tub. Prep H students then had a go writing the word of the animal, and drew a picture to match their written word.


We then bound the book, and have placed it into our classroom library, waiting to be read. Well done Prep H!

Welcome to Prep C

In prep C we are learning about our identity and what makes us unique. The students have been busy creating self portraits identifying their features. I think they did a great job!

We are also learning about numbers and this week we have been counting how many letters are in our name. In reading we are focusing on the text Brown bear, brown bear what do you see?  We used this book to create a maths lesson focusing on how many letters the students could see in their name. Prep C did a fantastic job of counting, cutting and sticking in this task to create a nice display for our classroom.

Prep A’s Community Tree

In Prep A we have been learning about Identity. We have been discussing what makes us similar and different. We discovered that we are a special community in Prep A and that we all belong together and are like one big family. We decided that it is important to look after each other and make sure we treat everyone with respect.

We all created a leaf for our community tree to show how we all belong to one place.

Here is a photo of our community tree.


Health & Physical Education

Hi all,

Over the last few weeks in Health and Physical Education we have been focussing on so many new skills and games. The motor skills that we have learnt include hand-eye coordination, balance and throwing and catching. We have also learnt new games and activities including Ice Cream Sundae and What’s the Time Mr Wolf. I can’t wait to learn more new and exciting games this term.


Mr Muscari

Our First Week in Prep A

We have had a great start to school in Prep A. We have all settled in really well and made lots of new friends.  We have all done some fantastic learning and shared our ideas with each other.

In Prep A we learnt how to be great listeners and created an anchor chart to help us remember listen to everyone in our classroom.

As a class we discussed what our classroom expectations should be and created some expectations that we are all working hard to follow in Prep A.


In Prep A we are fantastic mathematicians and have shown our amazing counting skills. We worked together to create some numbers for our classroom to help us with our maths learning. We also went on a number hunt to find all different numbers in our school community. We even explained what the numbers are for and how they are used.

Emma: The clock has numbers to help us to tell the time.

Zachary: The number 9 tells people where our classroom is.


Prep G’s Number Hunt

We went on a number hunt around our school community to find out where numbers exist. We were able to recognise numbers, say the numbers we found and describe their purpose.

“The doors have numbers. It tells us what room is ours.”

The number 1 is room 1. It’s Miss Mc’s room.”

“The phone number.”

“Hopscotch, you count them while you are hopping.”

“It’s snakes and ladders.”

“It means how many dollars it is.”

Readers Question: Where do you think you might find numbers in our school community? 

Taking Turns in Prep D

Hello and welcome to the Prep D blog! On this blog you will be able to keep up to date with some of the learning taking place within the classroom.

Today marks day six in Prep D and across these last six days we have been learning and practicing lots of skills to help us build our class community. We have learnt that it is important to follow the school values, especially the value of teamwork because when we share and work together, we can learn from one another.

A big skill we’ve been practicing to help us understand this is turn taking.  We have been making sure we all have a fair share when playing and learning in groups and decided to make a chant “Your turn, my turn” to help us always remember to play together evenly. Here are some pictures of us practicing the school value of team work by working with one another!

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