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Prep – Term 4 Spanish – Mr Pablo

During the beginning of Term 4, we’ve been learning how to say general shapes in Spanish to compliment the same learning we’ve been doing in our classrooms. This has proven to be an exciting test for us since the Spanish we are learning is quite challenging. Our learning has been aided by popular verbal games that we enjoy such as ‘pass-the-flashcard’ and ‘Spanish whispers’. We look forward to the rest of Term 4 in which we’ll also be learning various manners in Spanish and re-visiting numbers once again.

‘I’ve enjoyed learning with flashcards and doing Spanish whispers’ – Bisma (Prep D)

‘We’ve been learning how to talk Spanish and we’ve been doing the colours again’ – Hargun (Prep E)

Prep – Term 3 Spanish – Mr Pablo

Prep: In Spanish for Term 3, we Preps have started learning to say a variety of animals in Spanish. We’ve already played a variety of verbal games that help us to remember what we’ve learnt throughout Spanish and also some exercises in our books to help us learn successfully the spelling of the animals. We can’t wait to continue learning to say new animals and also describe their colours in Spanish.

‘I like learning how to say spider in Spanish because it has a letter that isn’t in the English alphabet’ – Valentino (Prep H)

‘I like it when we have Spanish’ – Kierra (Prep D)

Prep – Term 2 Spanish – Mr Pablo

Prep: In Spanish for Term 2, we Preps have started by been learning to say the ACPS House Colours in Spanish. To help us do this, we’ve been playing some games in the classroom which helps cement the colours in Spanish for us while also reading a really cool book called Counting M&M’s. During the reading, we have been stating which colours the M&M’s are while also counting how many, meaning that we are still using all the knowledge that we have learnt in Term 1.

‘We’ve been learning the colours’ – Valentino  (Prep H)

‘I enjoyed learning about the colours’ –  Prisha (Prep G)

‘My favourite color is Rojo (Red)’ – Remzi  (Prep D)


Prep – Term 1 Spanish – Mr Pablo

Prep: In Spanish for Term 1, we Preps learnt to say the numbers 0-10 in Spanish. Our learning activities included a range of verbal games, such as “Spanish Whispers” and pass-the-flashcard-around, while also using a diverse range of hands-on resources, such as a dice, a clock and an abacus. We also learnt a simple and catchy song to help us learn the order of the numbers.

‘In Spanish, we had a lot to learn’ – Charlotte (Prep C)

‘We had a lot of fun’ – Tanisi (Prep A)

‘I enjoyed saying and writing down the numbers in Spanish’ – Mary (Prep D)

‘The clock activity made me enjoy my Spanish learning’ – Bonnie (Prep E)

‘I liked saying the numbers in a different language’ – Anishka (Prep H)

‘My favourite topic was learning about the numbers’ – Taj (Prep H)

Health & Physical Education

Hi all,

Over the last few weeks in Health and Physical Education we have been focussing on so many new skills and games. The motor skills that we have learnt include hand-eye coordination, balance and throwing and catching. We have also learnt new games and activities including Ice Cream Sundae and What’s the Time Mr Wolf. I can’t wait to learn more new and exciting games this term.


Mr Muscari