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Directed Discovery

We have commenced our next provocations for Directed Discovery for term 3. Our groups this term are

  • Harry Potter
  • Camping
  • McDonalds
  • Transport

The children have enjoyed discovering the different provocations. They have started to ask questions and will shortly start researching to find the answers to these questions through the use of digital technology and non fiction texts.

Prep F sharing their CBL solution with Prep B

Prep B and Prep F had the opportunity to share their CBL solutions with each other. The children had a wonderful opportunity to practice their speaking and listening skills as well as talking about the process they followed to evaluate the success of their solutions.

The students were in group of 4 to share their learning. Prep F students talked about how they made the grass heads and read aloud the procedural text they wrote to explain the steps and materials needed to create their grass head.

Prep B students talked about the bird bath they put in the yard and how it has helped the local birds to get fresh and clean water to help them survive.

Prep F’s CBL solution

In the last two weeks of Term 2, Prep F came up with a solution to the challenge of ‘help something survive.’ We watched a Youtube video to explain the steps we needed to follow to make our grass heads.

The children worked in pairs to follow the steps and collected the various materials they needed.

After we completed our grass heads we added water and put them in the windowsill to help them get some sunlight and start to grow.

Stay tuned for our next blog to see if our grass heads grew!

Term 2 Health and Physical Education

Hi All!

This term during Health and Physical Education we have been learning and practising our throwing techniques. During the last few weeks of PE we have focused on overarm throwing by making Mr/Miss T, Mr/Miss Strong and Mr/Miss Throw shapes with our body to throw an object. We are having so much fun learning new games and skills!

Thanks for reading,

Miss Chetcuti

Length and measurement in Prep F

In numeracy we have been learning about length and measurement. We have learnt about informal measurement and length  when we made paper planes. We threw our planes and measured the distance in steps taken from our throwing point to where our plane landed. We used the words ‘longer’ and ‘shorter’ when we talked about who’s plane went the furtherest distance. Students really enjoyed the hands on maths lesson and were very engaged in their learning.

Group meetings in Prep F

Before the students start making our projects in Directed Discovery each group needs to make a circle and plan what they are going to make in the session. From there the students will fill in a design brief which will include what they are going to make and what materials they will need.

In the pictures above, students are demonstrating our school values of respect by listening to each other. Students take it in turns to share ideas, build on their peers ideas and problem solve to see how they will go about making their project. All projects are student driven and students are responsible for coming up with their own ideas, planning and then completing the creating and making phase.

By having group meetings, students learn to work together as a team. They learn that they need to wait for their turn to talk and look at the person speaking. They also learn to be accountable for their learning.

Directed discovery in Prep F


We have been enjoying the creating and making phase of the Directed Discovery cycle for our term 2 provocations. Our groups this term have been

  • Space
  • Ice cream
  • Zoo animals
  • Technology

The technology group has made different items that relate to technology including an apple watch (see above), playstation, xbox and some games (Roblox, Fortnite and Minecraft). The students in this group have enjoyed working together to discover new things about technology.

The Space group has started to create different planets (see Jupiter above) and are working on creating more planets to finish their solar system. This group has also created aliens, a rocket and an astronaut.

The Ice-cream group has started to create their truck and has also made items you would typically see in an ice cream truck including drinks, cones, menus and money.

The zoo animal group has created many different animals you would typically see in a zoo including giraffes, lions, tigers and zebras (see above).


The students in Prep F have really enjoyed Directed Discovery and are looking forward to sharing more as we continue our learning journey.


Prep – Term 1 Spanish – Mr Pablo

Prep: In Spanish for Term 1, we Preps learnt to say the numbers 0-10 in Spanish. Our learning activities included a range of verbal games, such as “Spanish Whispers” and pass-the-flashcard-around, while also using a diverse range of hands-on resources, such as a dice, a clock and an abacus. We also learnt a simple and catchy song to help us learn the order of the numbers.

‘In Spanish, we had a lot to learn’ – Charlotte (Prep C)

‘We had a lot of fun’ – Tanisi (Prep A)

‘I enjoyed saying and writing down the numbers in Spanish’ – Mary (Prep D)

‘The clock activity made me enjoy my Spanish learning’ – Bonnie (Prep E)

‘I liked saying the numbers in a different language’ – Anishka (Prep H)

‘My favourite topic was learning about the numbers’ – Taj (Prep H)

Directed discovery in term 1

We have had a fabulous term in Prep F and have enjoyed the final stages of our investigations for Directed Discovery. This week we enjoyed playing with all of the things we had made during our Directed discovery journey as well as reflecting on our learning. This play allowed the preps to practice their oral language with their peers which including role playing and making requests. Some examples of this were when the restaurant group had some visitors and the students practiced ordering, and serving and reading the menu.

Begum ‘Can I please have some jelly’

Jacinta ‘Here you go, that will be one dollar’.

These kind of exchanges proved to be an excellent example of developing social skills and building language skills.