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Prep E’s Excursion to CERES

On Wednesday the 23rd October, we went to CERES for our first school excursion! We had a long bus trip to Brunswick to learn about waste and how we could help the environment.


“We learned about the different bins to put our rubbish” – Amyra

“I liked feeding the chickens! The chicken bit me!” – Ibrahim

“I liked going on the BIG bus” – Jasmine

“The playground was fun – I was the first to climb to the top” – Zeeshma

“The ducklings in the pond were so cute” – Ruqaya

“I got to hold a worm!” – Yaseen

“The worm was so wiggly!” – Sam

Prep – Term 4 Spanish – Mr Pablo

During the beginning of Term 4, we’ve been learning how to say general shapes in Spanish to compliment the same learning we’ve been doing in our classrooms. This has proven to be an exciting test for us since the Spanish we are learning is quite challenging. Our learning has been aided by popular verbal games that we enjoy such as ‘pass-the-flashcard’ and ‘Spanish whispers’. We look forward to the rest of Term 4 in which we’ll also be learning various manners in Spanish and re-visiting numbers once again.

‘I’ve enjoyed learning with flashcards and doing Spanish whispers’ – Bisma (Prep D)

‘We’ve been learning how to talk Spanish and we’ve been doing the colours again’ – Hargun (Prep E)

Prep E tuning in to our new Big Idea… Environment

We have started to tune in to our new Big Idea ‘Environment’ by investigating what we already know about waste, and questions that we have about it…

We have been asking:

  • What is waste?
  • Where does waste come from?
  • What are the different types of waste?
  • Who does waste affect?
  • What waste do we make?

We explored a number of provocations to see what we already knew about these ideas… We are looking forward to investigating the answers!

“There are lots of chip packets in our school” – Ibby






“This is what the school would look like if it was covered in rubbish” – Ruqaya




“I have 3 pieces of rubbish in my lunchbox!”





“The lettuce goes in the green bin” – Zeeshma

Prep E’s Book Week Blog

Last Tuesday we celebrated Book Week! We came dressed as a our favourite book character!

“I came dressed as Batman!” – Jayden

“I was Leonardo- the leader of the ninja turtles” – Ibrahim

“I was the cat from Room on the Broom” – Jasmine

“I was Elsa” – Samira

“I came as Snow White.  I like Snow White because she is pretty and likes her friends” – Sammy


We had a parade to show off our costumes. Then we wrote about why we had chosen to dress as our characters!

Prep E are 100 Days Smarter!!

Last Wednesday we celebrated our 100th day of Prep! We were so happy and proud for all the learning we had done so far in our first year of school.  To celebrate we made special 100 days crowns, we did some writing about what we would do with $100, we used teamwork to make towers out of 100 cups and made special fruit loop necklaces with 100 fruit loops! It was a fantastic day and our buddies even came to share the celebration with us!


“I’m proud because I can read now” – Ibrahim

“I’m proud of my writing!” – Sammy

“I am proud of my counting!” – Hargun

Prep – Term 3 Spanish – Mr Pablo

Prep: In Spanish for Term 3, we Preps have started learning to say a variety of animals in Spanish. We’ve already played a variety of verbal games that help us to remember what we’ve learnt throughout Spanish and also some exercises in our books to help us learn successfully the spelling of the animals. We can’t wait to continue learning to say new animals and also describe their colours in Spanish.

‘I like learning how to say spider in Spanish because it has a letter that isn’t in the English alphabet’ – Valentino (Prep H)

‘I like it when we have Spanish’ – Kierra (Prep D)

Term 2 Health and Physical Education

Hi All!

This term during Health and Physical Education we have been learning and practising our throwing techniques. During the last few weeks of PE we have focused on overarm throwing by making Mr/Miss T, Mr/Miss Strong and Mr/Miss Throw shapes with our body to throw an object. We are having so much fun learning new games and skills!

Thanks for reading,

Miss Chetcuti

Rookeepers Incursion – Prep E

What an exciting Friday it was today! After weeks of waiting we finally had our incursion. A lady called Lisa came from The Rookeepers and brought along lots of animals to show us!


We learned about how animals survive in the wild and got to touch lots of different animals. They were all pretty friendly but we had to be brave to touch the snakes!! Marley the dingo was our favourite!

Prep E ask, “What do living things need?”

Now we know what makes something living or nonliving, we have been going deeper into what living things need. We planted seeds in five different ways to investigate what conditions are best for a plant!

Some seeds are going to have sun and water, some seeds will have sun but no water, some seeds will have sun and water but no soil, some seeds will have soil and water but no sun and some seeds will have extra water. We read the book “Plant the Tiny Seed” and made predictions about which plant will grow the best.

We can’t wait to see what happens!!

Prep – Term 2 Spanish – Mr Pablo

Prep: In Spanish for Term 2, we Preps have started by been learning to say the ACPS House Colours in Spanish. To help us do this, we’ve been playing some games in the classroom which helps cement the colours in Spanish for us while also reading a really cool book called Counting M&M’s. During the reading, we have been stating which colours the M&M’s are while also counting how many, meaning that we are still using all the knowledge that we have learnt in Term 1.

‘We’ve been learning the colours’ – Valentino  (Prep H)

‘I enjoyed learning about the colours’ –  Prisha (Prep G)

‘My favourite color is Rojo (Red)’ – Remzi  (Prep D)