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Prep – Term 4 Spanish – Mr Pablo

During the beginning of Term 4, we’ve been learning how to say general shapes in Spanish to compliment the same learning we’ve been doing in our classrooms. This has proven to be an exciting test for us since the Spanish we are learning is quite challenging. Our learning has been aided by popular verbal games that we enjoy such as ‘pass-the-flashcard’ and ‘Spanish whispers’. We look forward to the rest of Term 4 in which we’ll also be learning various manners in Spanish and re-visiting numbers once again.

‘I’ve enjoyed learning with flashcards and doing Spanish whispers’ – Bisma (Prep D)

‘We’ve been learning how to talk Spanish and we’ve been doing the colours again’ – Hargun (Prep E)

Exploring paint effects

During term three we used various materials to create art works using collage and paint. we used textures templates to print with paint and stamps to see what kinds of effects we could make, We then created a frame to place our painting in. We used a variety of natural and recycled materials to make our frames. We think the textured frames looked beautiful against our paintings. The final artworks were bright colourful with lots of interesting patterns and textures.


Shape, texture and colour- Art elements

During term three we explored shape texture and colour as part of our CBL big idea of curiosity. We used paint and different tools to apply the paint so we could explore the kinds of textures and effects we could create. We also learnt about positive and negative shapes and learnt to cut out shapes with scissors. Using our new skills we created these amazing abstract mixed media collages. We combined our paintings and our shape cut outs to create them. It was interesting to see what kinds of paint effects we could create.

Small Moment Writing

This term Prep C has been busy creating stories from a small ‘seed’ they have experienced and expanded on.

We published those stories and showcased them on ur Journey of Curiosity night. I hope you took the chance to come and see the Prep’s awesome stories!

We are now transferring our small moment writing skill into making a fact book about what we have been learning in Directed Discovery.

This week the students have been busy creating a word wall to go with their discovery unit in order to help them write tricky words when it comes to creating their fact books.

Our goal is to get these fact books published so the students can teach each other all about what they have learnt this term!

our first year of Art

During our first year of Art at Aitken Creek Primary School we have been creating some creative pictures using a variety of techniques and materials. We have learnt to work as a class community to make big class artworks and share materials in the art room. It has been so much fun and we think our work is beautiful. We would like to share some of our colourful art works with you and we hope you enjoy them. Keep watching the blog to see what else we make this year.


Prep C celebrates 100 days!

The prep students have reached a milestone by being at school for 100 days!

We have been excitedly counting down the days until our party and the day had finally arrived.

We spent the day celebrating all things 100 – making fruitloop necklaces with 100 fruitloops, writing about when we are 100 years old, making crowns and of course our class party!

Everyone had so much fun.

Thank you to all the parents who brought along a plate of food to help us celebrate -the students definitely enjoyed eating all the ‘sometimes’ foods!

Directed Discovery

Hello Prep C families!

Welcome back to term 3.

Prep C has been very excited to explore new interests and learn about new topics for Directed Discovery this term.

This term we have 4 groups that have been busy researching all about their chosen topics and can already share so many new understandings.

The groups we have for term 3 are:

  • Space
  • Pirates / Under the sea
  • Animals
  • Transformers

The students will start creating this week and I cannot wait to see what they start making as they have already expressed some great ideas on what they will create.

Stay tuned 🙂

Prep – Term 3 Spanish – Mr Pablo

Prep: In Spanish for Term 3, we Preps have started learning to say a variety of animals in Spanish. We’ve already played a variety of verbal games that help us to remember what we’ve learnt throughout Spanish and also some exercises in our books to help us learn successfully the spelling of the animals. We can’t wait to continue learning to say new animals and also describe their colours in Spanish.

‘I like learning how to say spider in Spanish because it has a letter that isn’t in the English alphabet’ – Valentino (Prep H)

‘I like it when we have Spanish’ – Kierra (Prep D)

Directed Discovery

Hello Prep C families

With Directed Discovery coming to an end for term 2, I wanted to celebrate the achievements this term.

Not only have the students been super creative and designed some really interesting work, but they have also learnt a lot about their area of interest along the way.

They have also been working on their team building and problem solving skills, so they have been very busy bees indeed!

Great job Prep C – cannot wait to see what you create in term 3.


Term 2 Health and Physical Education

Hi All!

This term during Health and Physical Education we have been learning and practising our throwing techniques. During the last few weeks of PE we have focused on overarm throwing by making Mr/Miss T, Mr/Miss Strong and Mr/Miss Throw shapes with our body to throw an object. We are having so much fun learning new games and skills!

Thanks for reading,

Miss Chetcuti