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Using Blue-Bots to retell stories in Prep E

We have been learning how to retell stories. We need to remember the characters in the story, what happens to them and retell the story in the right sequence. We’ve been reading The Three Little Pigs so we used the Blue-Bots to help us retell what happened in that story.

“The wolf went down the chimney and burnt his bottom on the fire!” – Stephanie

“The little pig ran to the stick house and the wolf chased him” – Ibrahim

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Prep E retell in action

Exploring ‘Identity’ in Prep E

In Prep E we have been learning about what makes us ‘unique’. We are unique on the inside and the outside.

We had a go at drawing some self-portraits to show what we look like on the outside. We helped each other remember all the parts of our faces and tried to use oil pastel colours that were close to what we look like.


We all like different things and have different things that are important to us. We made heart maps to show what we love and value.

“I love maths because I’m good at it” – Ibby

“I love ballet!” – Sammy

“I drew my mum and brother” – Taha

Retelling stories in Prep E

For reading we have been working on retelling stories. We have to remember the characters and what happens in the story. We can use words from the story too!


“The green frog sees the purple cat and then the purple cat sees the white dog!” – Ruqaya 

“At the end of the story the children say what they see! There are so many animals!” – Bonnie