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Welcome to Prep H 2020!

We have had an amazing start to the school year in Prep H. Although we all felt a little nervous and scared on our first day, we have quickly created new friendships with different people in our class.

We have spent a lot of time discussing how we are feeling, using the Zones of Regulation to help us identify and name how we are feeling. We talked about how we may start off the day in the Blue Zone (feeling sad or nervous), but there are many different things we can do to move into the Green Zone (feeling happy and ready to learn), such as taking big deep breaths or moving away from a situation that makes us sad or angry.

We have also spent time meeting our new Buddy class, 5C. We travelled to 5C’s classroom one afternoon, and met our new buddy. We then spent the afternoon getting to know our buddy, and telling our buddies all about us. We are very excited to continue seeing our buddies every second week.



This week we re-started our Buddies program. We visited 6D’s classroom, and meet their two teachers, Miss Hicks and Miss Bourne.

Once we had found our Buddies, we were excited to be using our iPads to describe what makes a good buddy. We thought about what makes us a good buddy, and what makes our Buddy a good buddy.

We used PicCollage to take a selfie of us with our Buddy, and brainstormed different words that can be used to describe each other. We then discussed the different colours and pictures we wanted to use on our PicCollage, and how we wanted to present our work.

Once we had finished our Buddy PicCollage, we discussed what we have in common and what is different between us. We then chose different pictures to represent our likes.

At the end of the session, we had the opportunity to eat our snack with our buddy. We all had a great time, and can’t wait for our next buddy session!

Book Week 2019

In 2019, Book Week occurred from Monday 17th to  23rd of August. This is a great time for us to celebrate all of our favourite books, re-read old classics, and experience new adventures.

To celebrate Book Week, Aitken Creek Primary School held a Book Parade on Tuesday the 18th of August. In Prep H, we all came dressed as our favourite book character! Even Miss McCredden and Mrs A. dressed up, as their favourite Little Miss characters. Our costumes were AMAZING!

In the morning, we went outside with the other Prep classes, and held our Book Parade. Each class sat down in a big circle, and we clapped and cheered as each class walked past us. There were some awesome costumes!

Finally, it was out turn. We stood up, and walked around the circle. We listened excitedly to the cheers of the other Prep classes, and even gave some massive high fives as we were walking around.

After the Parade, we decided that we all looked so amazing, we had to take a class photo.

100 Days Smarter in Prep H!

On Wednesday 31st July, Prep H celebrated their 100th day at school. We had such a great day celebrating everything we have achieved so far this year!

In the morning, we made special party hats to celebrate our 100th day at school. We had a great time colouring and cutting out our hats, and Miss McCredden and Mrs A helped us stick our hats together. Miss McCredden even used a cool iPad app to show us what we might look like when we are 100 years old!During writing, we had fun thinking of 5 things we would like to do before we turn 100, and we created a bucket list listing these things.

In Maths, we used a 100s chart to count out 100 Fruit Loops, and then used our skills to create a Fruit Loop necklace. It was so yummy!

Then came the best part of the day – our class party!! Everybody brought in really yummy food to share with the class, and we had a great time dancing to music, eating lots of different food, and talking and laughing with our friends. It was a great way to celebrate our time at school.

Term 3 Directed Discovery Provocations

Once again, we begin the term with our Directed Discovery Provocations. On Friday, we sat down and constructed wonderings. for Hexagonal Thinking. We first drew pictures of our wondering, and then had a go writing our wondering on the back of our hexagon, and cut them out. As a class, we connected our ideas and explored who had a similar or the same wondering. We then used our wonderings to create provocations for Directed Discovery.

Altogether, we created 6 different groups:

  • Animals
  • Transport
  • People in our Community
  • Building
  • Gardening and
  • Weather

We spent the morning exploring the different provocations. We dressed up as our chosen person in the community; we read books about the weather and gardening; we built train tracks and fixed broken down cars; we created houses and; we completed puzzles of creatures from under the sea.

As the week progresses, we will spend more time exploring our chosen provocation (or choosing a new provocation to explore), and will begin thinking about our wonderings.

Prep H’s Term 2 C.B.L Solution

During Challenge Based Learning this term, we have been exploring living and non living things. We have been investigating the different needs that living things have, and how these needs help living things to survive.

To answer the challenge “Help something survive”, Prep H brainstormed different ways we can help something to survive.

We finally decided that we wanted to help an animal to survive. We thought about the different animals we see in our school community, and decided we wanted to help birds survive, by offering them a healthier food choice (we had noticed a lot of birds pecking at rubbish and food on the ground in the playground). We came up with the idea to make bird feeders.

We split off into groups, and worked collaboratively to create our bird feeders.

We wanted our bird feeders to look bright and colourful, so we decided in our groups what colour we wanted to paint them. We then chose a representative from each group to complete the job.


We then filled the bird feeders with bird seed, and hung them outside in the trees.

We will continue to monitor the level of bird seed in the feeders, and will take turns to make sure there is enough food for them to eat.

Narrative Writing in Prep H

This week, we have been focusing on writing our very own narratives. We first began with a plan. In our plan, we first decided on a character. The character could be ourselves, or a animal, or even a plant! We then decided on the setting, the place where our story is happening. We then thought of a problem, when something goes wrong, and the solution, the way that we fixed the problem.

Once we created our plan, we started by writing our beginning. In our beginning, we introduced our character and the setting.

Our next job was to write our problem. We tried our best to make sure that our story flowed from the beginning to the problem.

Finally, we wrote our solution. We made sure that we first read our beginning and problem, to make sure that our writing made sense, and that we used lots of detail.

Our next task will be to publish our stories.

What do flowers need?

During C.B.L this week, we have been exploring the needs of seeds. We discussed the different needs of seeds and flowers, and also what might happen if these needs are not met.

We decided that flowers need sunlight, water, seeds, food, soil and air.

If flowers do not have:

Sunlight – “They will die” > Sarah

Water – “The leaves will go brown” > Adam

Seeds – “Flowers need seeds” > Juh

Food – “It will die” > Daood

Soil – “It will fall down” > Mehreen

Air – “It will die because the air goes to the soil, then it moves into the soil and then the roots suck it up. Without air, the leaves will fall down” > Liana


We then planted seeds in different cups, and decided on removing one need for each seed. We then placed our seeds in the window of our classroom, and have been observing them for any changes.

Measuring Length in Prep H

This week in Prep H we have been examining length. We have discussed different ways that we can measure length, and decided to experiment using paper planes.

We created our own groups, or group of three, and made a paper plane for each group.


We then went outside, and took it in turns to throw our paper planes. We made sure that each person started at the same point, and used our iPads to take a photo of where our paper planes landed. We then used language such as longer and shorter to describe where our paper planes landed.


Gotchya Tokens!

Welcome back to Term 2!

At the start of this term, we have introduced a new concept of recognising ‘everyday’ student achievements – Gotchya Tokens! Each time a student is ‘caught’ making an ‘everyday’ achievement – perhaps offering to help a friend, resetting a classroom display, or just showing a fantastic attitude towards their learning – they receive a Gotchya Token, which adds house points to the overall school total.

We have also chosen a weekly Community Goal. Each Monday, we decide during our Community Meeting on a Community Goal that we will be working towards during that week. During Week 2, Prep H thought about different ways around the classroom that they think we can do more successfully, such as sitting on our bottoms or walking quietly around the school. Prep H voted, and chose lining up in straight lines as their Community Goal.

As a class, we discussed what a straight line might look like, and how we can walk in straight lines around the school. We used the statements “I can find a partner”, “I can stand beside my partner”, and “I can walk beside my partner” as our success criteria.


We practiced during the week, and think that we have done a fantastic job at improving our lines when lining up and walking around the school. Well done Prep H!