Prep E tuning in to our new Big Idea… Environment

We have started to tune in to our new Big Idea ‘Environment’ by investigating what we already know about waste, and questions that we have about it…

We have been asking:

  • What is waste?
  • Where does waste come from?
  • What are the different types of waste?
  • Who does waste affect?
  • What waste do we make?

We explored a number of provocations to see what we already knew about these ideas… We are looking forward to investigating the answers!

“There are lots of chip packets in our school” – Ibby






“This is what the school would look like if it was covered in rubbish” – Ruqaya




“I have 3 pieces of rubbish in my lunchbox!”





“The lettuce goes in the green bin” – Zeeshma

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