Finding Out and Sorting Out

Through the ‘Finding Out’ and ‘Sorting Out’ phase of our inquiry into Curiosity, we have been observing the characteristics and properties of different objects.

In week three, we had a range of objects in a ‘feely bag’ and were able to share what we noticed, thought and felt prior to pulling the object from the bag. Through this, we were able to make connections to what we already knew about certain materials.

Zach: “It feels like a bottle. I think the bottle is made of glass.”

Gurman: “I think it’s a bag, maybe plastic.”

Faris: “I can feel a stick; wood.”

Amani: “I think it feels hard. I think it’s the thing that you get the salad (tongs).”

Ruby: “I think the tongs are made out of metal.”

Prisha: “I think the tongs are made out of steel.”

Talia: “I think the holder for the ice is made out of plastic.”

In groups, we then used a selected object from the ‘feely bag’ and found objects around our learning environment made from the same material. We used PicCollage to sort the materials.

In week four, we were provided with a range of objects/technologies made from ‘incorrect’ materials. We were able to notice and justify our thinking to others.

Talia:I noticed that the bouncy ball is made out of foil. It doesnt bounce because its made out of foil.

Mehtaab:I think this mirror is made out of plastic. I think this mirror doesnt work, it doesnt work to see your reflection.

Gia: I think the scrunchie is made out of paper. It didnt work because it is made out of paper. It will break when you put it on your hair and twist it.

Ruby: I noticed the cup is made of tissue paper and when you put water in it, it spills everywhere because its not strong enough to hold the water.

Armaan:I think its made out of tissue. The water is going to spill all over the floor because its made out of tissue.

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