Recycling Paper

This week, we were able to use our new learning from our excursion to CERES to help us control how much waste we create. We used collected scrap paper from different classrooms to make recycled paper.

First, we had to rip the scrap paper into small pieces.

Next, we placed our ripped paper into a blender and added water. Then, we poured the blended recycled paper onto our mesh screen.

After this, we had to carefully spread the recycled paper to the outer edges of the frame. We then picked up the frame and let some of the water drain out of the mesh.

Finally, we squeezed the water out by compressing the recycled paper. We then had our finished product! Now it was just time to wait for it to dry.

Prep E’s Excursion to CERES

On Wednesday the 23rd October, we went to CERES for our first school excursion! We had a long bus trip to Brunswick to learn about waste and how we could help the environment.


“We learned about the different bins to put our rubbish” – Amyra

“I liked feeding the chickens! The chicken bit me!” – Ibrahim

“I liked going on the BIG bus” – Jasmine

“The playground was fun – I was the first to climb to the top” – Zeeshma

“The ducklings in the pond were so cute” – Ruqaya

“I got to hold a worm!” – Yaseen

“The worm was so wiggly!” – Sam

Prep – Term 4 Spanish – Mr Pablo

During the beginning of Term 4, we’ve been learning how to say general shapes in Spanish to compliment the same learning we’ve been doing in our classrooms. This has proven to be an exciting test for us since the Spanish we are learning is quite challenging. Our learning has been aided by popular verbal games that we enjoy such as ‘pass-the-flashcard’ and ‘Spanish whispers’. We look forward to the rest of Term 4 in which we’ll also be learning various manners in Spanish and re-visiting numbers once again.

‘I’ve enjoyed learning with flashcards and doing Spanish whispers’ – Bisma (Prep D)

‘We’ve been learning how to talk Spanish and we’ve been doing the colours again’ – Hargun (Prep E)

Prep E tuning in to our new Big Idea… Environment

We have started to tune in to our new Big Idea ‘Environment’ by investigating what we already know about waste, and questions that we have about it…

We have been asking:

  • What is waste?
  • Where does waste come from?
  • What are the different types of waste?
  • Who does waste affect?
  • What waste do we make?

We explored a number of provocations to see what we already knew about these ideas… We are looking forward to investigating the answers!

“There are lots of chip packets in our school” – Ibby






“This is what the school would look like if it was covered in rubbish” – Ruqaya




“I have 3 pieces of rubbish in my lunchbox!”





“The lettuce goes in the green bin” – Zeeshma

Tuning in to the environment

This term our CBL Big Idea is ‘Environment’. Through this, we are focussing on ‘waste’. As part of the ‘Tuning In’ phase, we looked at the guiding question; How we can reuse items to control how much waste we create?

We were able to use our creative thinking to come up with ideas to solve the problem of how much waste we create. One of the provocations was a plastic bowl. Below are some of the creative ways we came up with to reuse it.

Harnihal: “A bowl to mix things.

Prisha: “A bowl to eat cereal.

Mehtaab: “We could turn it into a jellyfish because the bowl is shaped like a jellyfish top.

Shorya: “First it was a bowl then I made a spinner.


We then explored a range of different items and came up with creative ways to reuse them once the original function was finished.

Mayra: “I came up with the neck pillow to make a snake.

Mehreen: “The glass, I put flowers in it.

Talia: “My item was a fork and I reused it as Forky from Toy Story 4.

Faris: “Soap; sunscreen.

Prisha: “It was a jar, I reused it; a fish tank.

Now, here is a question we want to know from you: What do you have around the house that you no longer use or need? What could you reuse it as? Let us know in the comments!

Making Inferences

This term we have been learning to infer character emotions in a text by using the text clues and our prior knowledge to say how the character could be feeling. Using this, we read the text ‘Hairy Bear on the roof’ by Joy Cowley and described why the characters emotions changed throughout the text and inferred what they might say or think.

Jianna: “I can infer that Hairy Bear and Mrs Bear are feeling sad because the roof has a hole.”

Mehtaab: “I noticed that Hairy Bear is putting his hands on his face because there is a hole in the roof. I infer that Hairy Bear is feeling confused that there is a hole in the roof.”

Shorya: “I can infer that Hairy Bear is feeling happy because he fixes the roof.”

Prisha: “I can infer Hairy Bear is feeling scared because he is falling off the roof.”

Talia: “I can infer that Hairy Bear is happy because he grabs onto the roof. He’s thinking he’s going to be safe.”

Mehreen: “I can infer that he’s feeling scared because he’s falling down. He is thinking I’m going to fall in the bush.”

Mayra: “I can infer that Hairy Bear is feeling scared because maybe he is going to get hurt from the bush that has thorns.”



This week we re-started our Buddies program. We visited 6D’s classroom, and meet their two teachers, Miss Hicks and Miss Bourne.

Once we had found our Buddies, we were excited to be using our iPads to describe what makes a good buddy. We thought about what makes us a good buddy, and what makes our Buddy a good buddy.

We used PicCollage to take a selfie of us with our Buddy, and brainstormed different words that can be used to describe each other. We then discussed the different colours and pictures we wanted to use on our PicCollage, and how we wanted to present our work.

Once we had finished our Buddy PicCollage, we discussed what we have in common and what is different between us. We then chose different pictures to represent our likes.

At the end of the session, we had the opportunity to eat our snack with our buddy. We all had a great time, and can’t wait for our next buddy session!

Exploring paint effects

During term three we used various materials to create art works using collage and paint. we used textures templates to print with paint and stamps to see what kinds of effects we could make, We then created a frame to place our painting in. We used a variety of natural and recycled materials to make our frames. We think the textured frames looked beautiful against our paintings. The final artworks were bright colourful with lots of interesting patterns and textures.


Shape, texture and colour- Art elements

During term three we explored shape texture and colour as part of our CBL big idea of curiosity. We used paint and different tools to apply the paint so we could explore the kinds of textures and effects we could create. We also learnt about positive and negative shapes and learnt to cut out shapes with scissors. Using our new skills we created these amazing abstract mixed media collages. We combined our paintings and our shape cut outs to create them. It was interesting to see what kinds of paint effects we could create.

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